Something New

April 3, 2007

I’m trying something *new* and *different*, instead standing in one spot where I know it’s not working, and instead of going to another spot where I know it’ll never work.

It’s called “coming up with suggestions” and even, good lord, “a plan”.

You could have answered the real post instead of the draft, but I guess it wouldn’t have made a lot of difference. At least the Dirty Dozen and the Innocent Bystanders have real, and consistent, tangible
views on this matter. You just live vicariously on the scraps that fall on the ground, looking for opportunistic soundbites. I guess you belong to a third group, the “Hyena Pack”…

Whatever. It it stokes your fire, good luck to you.


One Dozen Bystanders

April 3, 2007

There’s been a bit of discussion about Nick and Marek in the TERRORISM WINS thread. Most of the old timers here know that Marek is the central problem, not Nick. Francie is off on her own spin, but that’s nothing new. Robert moralises as ever. Rags politely reduced the plural to the singular.

Nick does not act alone, he’s just the most visible member of a group of a dozen or so of us who actively, and vocally oppose Marek in this place. So, when you talk about Nick, you’re really talking about the “dirty dozen”, of which I’m a fully paid-up proud, card carrying member. Note, “dirty dozen” also implies that it’s a ragtag group, without much structure. I speak for me — not for anyone else.

The other main group in this particular discussion are the “Innocent Bystanders” who see both Marek *and* the Dirty Dozen as the problem. I’m not going to rehash the rationale, but I do note that even
newsgroup vetrans in the “Innocent Bystander” group have identified Marek as the main problem. And I note that the Dirty Dozen have their justifiable complaints about the Innocent Bystanders as well.

Why am I a member of the Dirty Dozen? It’s simple. If Marek were to reestablish himself here I’d be gone like a shot: I just don’t want him in my day. I’ve had enough of his slanderous ravings about me
being a pedophile (and those who think Nick is as bad as Marek just try to find an equivalent) and all the rest of his ravings.